Krypton – S2 Ep6 – In Zod We Trust Review

There’s a lot going on this week and it’s all in reaction to Lyta’s death at the hands of Jax. I kind of expected to watch this episode to find out Lyta was still alive really. But no. She’s very much dead. Whilst everyone is deeply upset about her death the show must go on and there’s plenty of scheming, plotting and planning throughout the episode.

Nyssa is on her way back to Kandor and is in position of the codex which Dru sent her to get. They tango throughout their interactions passing the upper hand to each other from one minute to the next. Regaining custody of her son is at the forefront of Nyssa’s mind and once she has Cor there’s no stopping her. Dru is becoming even more ruthless and he confirms this when he congratulates Jax for killing the only person who could appeal to his better nature. He demands that Val hands Jax over to him or destruction will be forced upon Wegthor. His discovery of Doomsday’s whereabouts is also a bad sign for everyone. Jax faces a rebellion of her own as the people of the resistance turn their backs on her, lead by Val. In front of them she shows no remorse but when captured and alone in the company of only Araame she admits that she wishes she didn’t have to do what she did.

The most interesting thing for me over the past few episodes has been watching Seg gradually lowering his shield against Brainiac. Events really have placed Seg in the palm of Brainiac’s hand and Seg is talked into taking him back to his ship. Brainiac promises to help him in return and to leave Krypton without destroying it. Can he be trusted? Doubtful!

This really was a great episode and I must applaud the cast on some great performances. Jayna’s reaction to her daughter’s death was wholly realistic as she spent most of the episode in silence, almost unable to react up until a bug outburst at the end. Nyssa seemed to have lost her way at the start of the season but we are beginning to see the true side to her which we saw last season. Whilst extremely sad, Lyta’s death appears to be the catalyst things needed and we are working up to a huge face off between Seg and Dru.

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