IZombie – S5 Ep11 – Killer Queen Review

Life’s a drag but this episode of iZombie is full of glitz and glamour!! The murder of a drag queen makes Liv fabulous in this weeks ep, we have Cher’s galore and the best drag queen name ever in Bitchcraft!

Elsewhere Ravi and Major team up to try and help find the Freylich kids, they possibly have the best bromance ever and I wish i was part of it! Also lets talk about Don E, I love Don E, he used to be a bit of a moron but he’s become not only a shrewd business man but also with his current love interest he’s really beginning to find who he is rather than just being Blaine’s lackey, so this episode hurts….

Liv finds out that the renegade operation has been infiltrated and what Martin really has planned, I’m slightly confused with what happens this week, Martin is an important character for the show, not just being the head of the Zombie freedom hoard but also being Liv’s dad means what happens with them has a huge impact on a lot of things, so things come out of left field in this ep for me.

So what do we have for our last two eps ever? It looks like there is a cure on the horizon, but also the zombies have a different plan and its in full effect! But what about the Dead Enders and General Mills, whats their plan? Lots to fit in in two eps!!

Also I cant be the only person that noticed the murder weapon in this episode was a pearl necklace…..

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