The Flash 90s – Ep6 – Sins Of The Father Review

Johnny Ray Hix is a bad man, a very bad man, he has been in prison for nearly 20 years and finally after all those years he has a chance to escape. Hix is on chain gang duty on the outskirts of Central City. After a few hours a thunderstorm starts and a prison officer tells the inmates to call it a day. As the inmates are being put on the bus their chains are being removed. A clap of thunder distracts an officer, Hix uses this opportunity to choke the office to death with the chain and make his escape. Now he is free and he has revenge of his mind.

Barry is having dinner with his parents Nora and Henry. Barry offers to clear the table and wash up. Both his parents are surprised as he has never offered to do this before. While they watch TV Barry cleans the dishes in record time. Henry gets a phone call from Hix who tells Henry he is going to kill him. Henry does tell anyone about the call as he doesn’t want them to worry.

Not only does Hix want revenge he wants the money he stashed away for the last big bank job he pulled. He goes to a dive bar owned by an old accomplice Danny. Danny has hired a team to help Hix out. Danny introduces him to a gunner named Gruber.

Henry visits and his best friend and old partner in the force Pete Donello. Henry tells Pete about the phone call. Hix had shot Pete in the leg before Henry arrested Hix and sent him to jail all those years ago. Henry believes they can deal with the situation themselves.

Back at the Allen household Nora and Barry are concerned that Henry could be getting a bit bored as he is no longer on the force. Henry assures them that he is ok. Then without warning someone starts shooting at them, the living room is a mess but no one is hurt and Barry chases after the shooter. He catches up to a car, a car without a driver and Barry watches the empty car crash into a tree.

Nora moves in with her sister and Barry eventually convinces Henry to stay with him but first The Flash goes hunting for Hix. He finds an ex prison mate of Hix and tells him if he finds out where Hix is tell a cop or else.

Hix and his crew are trying to find the money but a new mall is being constructed on the old housing estate where Hix had originally stashed it. They break into the construction site and start their search.

At dinner Henry embarrasses Barry in front of Tina and mentions how nervous Barry gets on dates. Thankfully (for Barry) Tina changes the subject to golf. A hobby of Tina’s and a passion of Henry’s.

Pete has a lead on Hix so he picks up Henry at Barry’s lab. Henry tells Barry that he and Pete are just going to get a coffee but Barry notices them leave the station.
They drive to Danny’s bar and Pete drops Henry off. Henry tries to get info out of Danny but it doesn’t go well. Danny and a few of his patrons grab Henry. Before they do any damage The Flash shows up. He smashes up Danny’s bar and demands to know where Hix is but Danny isn’t talking. Henry thinks The Flash is amazing, if only he knew who he was.

Back at his home Pete is trying is figure out where Hix stashed the money. Pete seems to have worked it out but Hix appears and stabs him in the back which kills the ex-police officer. Later at the murder scene Henry is blaming himself for Pete’s death.

Julio and Barry are trying to work out what time of knife killed Pete but this angers Henry. He says what does it matter, Pete’s dead. Barry and his dad finally have a talk about Henry seemingly looking down on Barry and his line of work. Henry doesn’t mean to make Barry feel that way he just finds it hard to express himself emotionally to Barry. Henry manages to tell Barry that he loves him just as much as he loved Jay.

Later that day Barry is working late and Henry is at Barry’s apartment. Henry is ambushed by Hix and Gruber. Gruber shoots Henry in the arm. Before they can finish Henry off The Flash arrives and he punches Gruber’s lights out. Hix manages to get away and Gruber is arrested.

The Flash visits Gruber in his cell. Gruber tells him that Hix was going to pay him 10 grand to take Henry out. The Flash wonders where Gruber would get the money from. Barry and Henry deduce that Hix knows where his bank robbery money is. They look though Pete’s notes and find out where the money is. Barry convinces Henry to go with him and together they will take Hix down.

Just as Hix and crew find the money the Allen’s arrive. Barry shoots one of the crew, Henry knocks another out. The Flash (I guess he was there too) takes out another. This leaves Hix on his own. Hix tries to run Henry over with a JCB but The Flash kicks Hix out of the drivers’ seat just in time. Hix climbs on to some scaffolding but falls off thanks to The Flash knocking out some support beams. Henry checks the money; it has rotted away as it was stored next to a water pipe. Barry goes to check on Hix’s crew. Hix attacks Henry but Barry throws Hix to the ground and starts to beat him. Henry pulls him away before he kills Hix.

Henry thanks Barry and tells him that he is very brave. Henry tells Barry that he is a good cop. Finally the words Barry has waited a very long time to hear.

Another good episode. It would have been great but we only see Tina for a matter of minutes. It was nice to see Barry finally get validation and recognition from his father at long last. I may be biased but I think Barry deserved it.

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