Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep16 – Hey, World! Review

Neron’s hellish plan to bring hell to earth is gaining a scary momentum. The world goes into meltdown when Neron and Tabitha use Charlie to become a monster to scare the senate and people into turning on all those who are different. The Eyes App is doing its work and it isn’t long before the dragon is in Tabitha’s charge.

Meanwhile Nora has arrived in hell and uses her powers to find Constantine. Nora rescues Constantine in the nick of time as he is being tortured. However finding Ray won’t be as straight forward. They will need to go to the Vaults of Hell and the Soul Exchange to retrieve Ray’s coin. The only way in is to use Astra who is to quick to point out that John abandoned her.

Back in 2019 the team realise the only way to stop Neron is to use Heyworld to show people that different is ok and nothing to be afraid of. They have a magical plethora of talent to sell Heyworld to the masses. Except Gary is no one’s idea of a showmaster. Gideon informs Zari that if Heyworld is successful then Zari’s future will be altered. Zari’s family survive and it means that she will never have joined the legends or met Nate. Zari must stay on the Waverider or risk her memories being lost forever.

Back in hell, Nora, Constantine and Astra have found Ray’s token and Astra help Constantine and Nora find Ray. This isn’t before Astra has helped herself to the souls of some serious sinners. They expect to find Ray being tortured but instead they find Ray playing jenga with Savage. Hell really can take all forms. Nora and Constantine discover that Ray gave his soul to save Nate. As Nora has accomplished her mission Nora, Constantine and Ray are back on the Waverider except Ray has returned to being currency as Neron is using his body. Constantine soon learns of the team’s plan and thinks they haven’t got a cat in hells chance of Heyworld working. Neron is using fear to open the gates of hell but there is another way. Neron would have to relinquish Ray’s body if he went back on his word and killed Nate. Sara is having none of it as she can’t bear the idea of losing a team member.

On with the show………….

All is going to plan until Tabitha arrives and uses the dragon to instill terror and has the masses run for their lives. Luckily for the team a 9 year old Zari stops the dragon who quickly gets rid of Tabitha. Neron’s fury is to use Tabitha’s staff to open the portal to hell. All looks lost when Constantine challenges Neron. Neron kills Constantine except all isn’t as it appears. Nate has taken on Constantine’s guise and Nate’s death drives Neron from Ray’s body. Constantine quickly kills Neron and the portal closes. Zari against Gideon’s advice leaves the Waverider. Up in the rafters Nate’s spirit has connected with his dad and it is heartwarming to see Nate have the last conversation that he had hoped for. Hank states that music is missing and Mick spontaneously begins to sing James Taylor. The whole team break into song and Tabitha’s staff starts to glow. This act of singing shows that just as fear can be energy so can love and it isn’t long before Nate is resurrected. Nate is devastated to see that Zari has left the Waverider and they hug and in a second Zari is gone and has been replaced by her brother. The whole team have no memory of Zari which is a sad end for the team who have lost and have no memory of doing so.

Back in hell, Astra is coining in and it looks as though Astra will be the new force to be reckoned with. Only time will tell but with S5 not returning until 2020 anything can happen especially as the Monitor was in the audience and with the crisis looming.

So this episode dealt with difference and tolerance. It emphasised that it is ok to be different and it is our differences that make us special and worthwhile. These are the things that should be valued. The episode also showed what love over fear can achieve. I really liked the Field of Dreams reference in the middle of the episode. Poor Nate – everytime he finds happiness it disappears into time literally. Will they ever see Zari again and what will she be like? What about Astra? Will Constantine remain on the team or travel alone as sin has become her currency. I’ve had so much fun reviewing this season and I’m so interested to see what the writers and cast come up with. Whatever it is our screens are poorer and will miss this band of misfits.

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