Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep15 – Terms of Service Review

We are down to the penultimate episode and there is everything to play for. The team are desperate to re-take the Time Bureau and save Mona (who is being tortured) from Neron’s clutches. However as they are about to storm the Bureau Gary who now has Tabitha as his fairy god mother makes a wish and Nora, Ava and Sara are held against their will for a Gary inspired book club.

Meanwhile Neron is using Ray’s smarts to launch PalmerX 2019. The team infiltrate to try and find out what Neron is actually up to. The new Eyes app willl help users to locate and report magical creatures. The audience are sceptical until Neron uses woolfie to convince them. The team are about to grab Mona when Gary makes a very ill timed wish and Nate and Mick are taken to join book club. Zari and Charlie are forced to make a hasty retreat when the crowd turn into a mob. Neron’s demonstration instilled fear that got the crowd to do his bidding. Zari and Charlie take refuge in Zari’s childhood home while they decide what to do. It is at this point that Zari discovers hidden within the terms of the app that by using the app users agree to give their souls to Neron. I mean people have sold their souls for a lot less, right?

In hell, Constantine has gone in search of Ray. However hell knows he has arrived and the hunter becomes the hunted. Constantine tracks down Masher who is a soul trader who has heard that Neron is going to be increasing his soul stock dramatically. Constantine now realises that Neron is making a play for the Throne of Hell. By some stroke of fate Constantine survives and is taken to the Triumverate. Constantine tries to strike a deal to stop Neron in exchange for Ray’s soul. However this is hell and they are not adverse to changing the rules or the game. It comes down to choice Astra or Ray. All the years of guilt and failure to save Astra come to the fore and the pain in Constantine’s face is clear to see. But what will he do?

Back in 2019 Neron has ordered Nora to be taken to the Containment unit. Tabitha who is playing her own game takes her to Mona’s sell. Mona is weak and Tabitha suggests to Nora that she could help and vanishes back to continue Gary’s wishing streak. Out of all the things Gary could wish for, he wishes to hang out with the Legends and make them suffer in the process. Gary said his wishes protected them and did not hurt them. The Legends soon realise that they had mistreated Gary and that they are sorry and that coolness is not the criteria for joining the team. Nora’s concern for Mona’s weakened state leads her to agree to take Tabitha’s powers thus setting her free from the curse. Tabitha’s ability to read Nora has paid dividends as Nora is now trapped to undertake the will of her charge – Gary. Before Nora can speak to Gary he sends her to hell to save Constantine and Ray.

In hell, Constantine has made his choice and its Astra. However Astra is not the little girl he remembers as hell has weaved its spell on her heart and soul and sets Constantine up to be tortured. Can Nora arrive in time? Meanwhile Zari and Charlie are attempting a jail break and manage to get all of the magical creatures out and at the very last minute Mona. However Charlie is left behind and Tabitha notes that they now have every monster they could ever wish for to hand. The team are back on the Waverider and now need to plan their next move. It is at this point that Zari realises that she left the dragon’s egg at her childhood home. It is too late because a young Zari has found the egg and it is about to hatch.

So Neron is shopping for souls and has used fear of difference and the unknown to get people to hand them over willingly. Can the team stop the app? Neron struck gold by taking over Ray as he has used his outstanding skills in the deadliest of ways. Poor Constantine. Still not able to save Astra and has now sacrificed Ray to put right a previous failing. How will Constantine escape the torture? I mean Nora is going to be their fairy god mother. I wonder what hell will think of Nora and can they all escape in one piece? How will they separate Neron and Ray? Gary is back in the team and although the team have forgiven him it is clear he was hurt and highly suggestable to any idea where he would get a place at the table.Working with Neron is still the ultimate betrayal.

Afterall Neron tortured Mona who was one of the few who was actually kind to Gary. Lets hope Gary can redeem himself in the final episode. Can they save Charlie who is going to become Neron’s monster of choice to help with his plan? What about the young Zari and her family? I mean could the dragon’s egg save them in the future or make them a target now? We all know where meddling with time can get you. I’ve been looking forward and dreading the last episode as I have loved this season. I just hope the team manage to finish together.We can’t leave them in hell. Can we?

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