Supergirl – S4 Ep21 – Red Dawn Review

It’s Supergirl vs Red Daughter in this emotional and explosive penultimate episode of the season!

First of all, I must say that this episode is one of my favourites of the entire season. The action, the drama, the emotional moments were all top notch.

The episode opens with Alex dreaming of a memory of when her and Kara were kids in Midvale in 2007. She awakens confused and talks it out with Kelly who is still by her side. The memory was of Kara and Alex falling off a cliff. Kelly attributes it to the adoption falling through, but Alex thinks there is more to it. She tells Kelly about the security sweep having something to do with Kara, but she doesn’t remember the reason for it. Alex then gets a call from Brainy who informs her of Kara’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, Kara is being kept by the President’s security until she is proven to not be a threat. She catches them off guard and breaks free, but is stopped by a Kryptonite wielding Red Daughter.
Back at the DEO, Alex, Brainy, and Lena discuss Lex, the Supergirl clone, and Lockwood and the connections between them.Aliens are also disappearing in a mysterious fashion as well. Alex orders Brainy to get J’onn and locate the missing aliens from their desert facility. Lena decides she will confront Lockwood while Alex takes point on the clone situation. Brainy decides they should bring Nia along because he wants to tell her about his feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Red Daughter and Kara talk face to face for the first time. Red Daughter is there to kill her, but decides against it. Kara tries to show her that Lex will discard her once he achieves his goal. The clone is adamant that Lex is helping the world. She tells Kara that the American Dream is a lie and insults her girl scout attitude. The Kryptonite is affecting them both. She boasts that Kara’s powers are so limited compared to hers. Kara claps back saying: I have been on this planet for fifteen years and exposed to kryptonite on numerous occasions. Kara breaks free and the two briefly fight resulting in Kara being shot in the arm. She flies away and shows up at J’onn’s home. She has breakdown and tells him about everything. She desperately wishes Alex knew her identity. She needs her sister back. J’onn says he cannot mess with her Alex’s mind agan or she could suffer terrible consequences. Brainy shows up to get J’onn for their mission. Kara takes the opportunity to leave and rush off to find Alex.

Before confronting Lockwood, Lena visits Lillian, whom she allowed a brief reprieve from prison. She asks her if she can remove the harun-el from Lockwood’s system as well as from James. Lillian agrees only after she is affected by a truth seeker and threatened with poison. Lena then finds Lockwood in a parking structure. She tells him that he was played by Lex. “Wasn’t this all a little to easy,” she tells him. “You wanted to save the human race, but instead you gave it to a psychopath.” Lockwood seems shocked and disturbed and storms off. Lena and James realize that he actually didn’t know about the full extent of Lex’s plans and that the President was in league with the villain. They decide to follow him after he drives away and given the fact that he also seems to be deteriorating.

Meanwhile, Brainy and J’onn investigate the alien disappearances at a shipping area. Brainy nervously awaits Nia’s arrival as he prepares to reveal his feeling to her. In a sweet moment, he asks J’onn how does love work. Nia arrives and asks what they were talking about. Brainy deflects and the three set out to find the aliens which they quickly determine have been taken by Amertekafter Nia has dream vision. The trio arrive their and initially plan to enact the classic “wookiee gambit” move from Star Wars in which someone poses as a captor and another a captured person in order to bypass the security checkpoint. J’onn advises against this and decides to do some recon. While he does, Brainy tries to tell Nia he loves her, but she sees the girl in her earlier vision getting escorted somewhere. Brainy poses a Lockwood and escorts Dreamer to the checkpoint. However, they get stopped and found out by the guards which causes their immediate capture. Dreamer is escorted further away, but Brainy is detained and placed in a cuffed torture device.

Elsewhere, Supergirl finds Alex and tells her everything including the President’s dealings with Lex. Alex agrees to help her find Red Daughter by testing her energy signature. While doing so, Colonel Haley shows up and demands to know why Supergirl is here. They explain the situation and she immediately comes to their side. They then find a possible location of the clone and Supergirl rushes off to investigate.

Back at Amertek, J’onn infiltrates the compound by posing as Eve. He discovers that the aliens are being escorted to a portal and forced to travel through it. Meanwhile, Brainy is tortured by the guards to the point of complete meltdown and reboot. He taps into the memories and knowledge of his more evil and emotionless ancestors and is able to break free of his restraints. He makes quick work of them and is now exhibiting very different behavior. He reunites with J’onn who notices his unusual behavior and the two set out to save Nia. Brainy arrives at Nia’s cell and frees her. He then kneels down to seemingly express his love for her. However, he instead locks her back up. He tells her that his plan to save to the aliens is for her to go through the portal, astral project herself here and tell him the location of the camp so that they can liberate them. Nia objects to this, but Brainy coldly brushes her off and leaves her there. He runs into J’onn, who is confused as to his decision. Brainy then realizes the odds are better if J’onn goes through the portal as well, incapacitates the martian and leaves to get captured. Elsewhere, Lockwood travels to a safehouse where he finds Otis Graves chilling out playing video games. The secretary realizes that he has truly been duped after Otis basically admits that Lex is a classic supervillain. They never were in support of Lockwood’s cause, but rather for money and world domination. This sets the harun-el infused Secretary off. Otis tells him that his usefulness has expired and attempts to kill him. However, he meets a grim fate after Lena and James intervene. James collapses which gives Lockwood the opportunity to rip Otis’s metallo heart from his chest. Lena then takes James back to the lab where Lillian injects him with a solution that is able to fix his aliments and allow him to maintain his powers.

Meanwhile, Supergirl finds Red Daughter’s hideout which is across the street from Kara’s apartment. She goes through her things and finds a photo of the young Kaznian, whom Lex used to turn Red Daughter to his side. Alex finds her there and spills her heart to her. She tells Supergirl that she is worried about Kara and that she feels like something is missing from her life. She breaks down and cries. Supergirl comforts her, but their tender moment is interrupted by a call from their mother Eliza, who claims that Kara is there. Supergirl realizes that it’s Red Daughter and rushes to her mother’s aid. She arrives and once again tries to turn Red Daughter away from Lex, saying he will turn on her. She brings up the boy which enrages Red Daughter more. However, the devoted clone refuses to listen and prepares for battle using a modified suit similar to the one Kara used previously. The two then engage in brutal battle which ultimately leaves Supergirl near death due to Red Daughter’s “evolved” powers which somehow removes sunlight. Alex arrives and rushes to her sister’s side having remembered everything after witnessing her getting beat up. In a deeply emotional scene, Alex begs Kara to wake up. She desperately tries to get her sister to access the sunlight from the grass which she eventually does. The two share a beautiful sister moment with their mother looking on. “I missed you so much,’’ they say to each other. They get a call from a concerned Haley who informs them to check the news. The President addresses the nation saying that Lex armed with a compact version of the Claymore missile system successfully thwarted the Kaznian Invasion and killed the terrorist Supergirl.

This episode was fantastic! “Red Dawn” featured some brilliant performances as well as some great action. Melissa Benoist masterfully plays both roles once again and really pulls on the emotion as both characters. Speaking of emotion, I was nearly brought to tears during the scene with Alex trying to wake Kara up. I had major Avengers Infinity War and Endgame flashbacks (ex. Don’t go. Please don’t leave me).. Both actresses played the scene beautifully. I also was blown away by Jesse Rath as Brainy in this episode. Brainy has been one of my favorite characters on the show since his introduction last season. I love his humor and this episode lets Rath expand beyond his usual mode. His meltdown scene was a bit scary and sad at the same time. I began to wonder while watching if this was a tease for more to come with Dark Brainy possibly becoming a villain in the show. While I hope they fix him in the finale, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.Overall, this was an incredible episode.

Next week’s finale looks crazy good as well!

Stay tuned for more recaps & reviews here on Earth-9 and come back next week for the last Supergirl recap & review of the season!

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