Supergirl – S4 Ep20 – Will The Real Miss Teschmacher Please Stand Up Review

Lena and Kara travel to Kaznia and discover what Lex has been planning. Meanwhile,
Secretary Lockwood deals with the loss of his wife in a dangerous way.
A full on war is brewing and it seems the conspiracy goes deeper than we initially
believed. Kara and Lena’s trip to Kaznia proved very useful that was until Kara brought
their findings to the President. This exciting episode featured great action as well as
heartfelt moments. The end of the season is near and this episode did well in getting me
hyped for the conclusion of this overall fantastic season.

This episode opens with Kara preparing to go Kaznia when Lena announces she is
coming with her. Kara advises her not too, but Lena insists. Lena says she wants to look
Lex in the eye when they catch him. They fly off on Lena’s specialized jet.
Meanwhile, Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai) and Alex are out for a run when the latter gets a
call from the adoption agency concerning the arrival of the child she is to adopt. Alex is
elated at the news and proclaims: “I’m a mother!”

Speaking of mother’s, meanwhile, young George Lockwood speaks at his mother’s
funeral. He tells a touching story about her and breaks down. During his speech, he
notices his father leave the church which irritates him deeply.

Secretary Lockwood travels to the D.E.O. to get a status update on the search for
Dreamer. An agent informs him that they have been unable to track her down. He angrily
orders the agents to track down and bring in all of her known associates starting with
James Olsen, as he greatly desires to know how Olsen got superpowers.

Meanwhile, at the Fortress of Solitude, Nia and Brainy test James’ powers which now
also seem to include heat resistance. During their test, Brainy is alerted that Lockwood is
at the D.E.O. and decides to go there to find out why (especially since Haley is away).
On the jet, Lena and Kara discuss Lex and Eve and their betrayals. Lena tells her that
trusting people is still hard for her. Kara reassures her that she is on her side. Suddenly
a lightning storm breaks out as they near Kaznia. It is peculiar as the lightning is purple.
It strikes the jet causing it to rapidly go down forcing Kara to sneak out a guide the plane
in for a safe landing. In one of the funnier moments of the episode, Lena rushes back to
check on Kara, who is laying there in her seat with her glasses disheveled as if she had
been thrashed around. She “wakes up” saying she must have passed out. After landing,
Lena and Kara investigate Lex’s complex and discover torture stations and Amertek
technology all over the room. They also find stacks of paper files written by Eve that
reveal that Lex has been torturing aliens to obtain their powers.

Meanwhile, Alex freaks out about the pending adoption. The birth mother is a seventeen
year old girl who is literally hours away from giving birth. Alex panics and doesn’t think
she’s ready to become a mother. Kelly offers her help and advice. She is able to get Alex to realize that she is in fact ready and highly capable of being a great parent. “You
care too much to fail,” she tells her.

Back at the D.E.O., one of Lockwood’s agents informs him of Lena’s dealings there and
that she was working out of one of the labs. Despite Brainy’s objections, Lockwood and
his agents search the lab for the serum.

Meanwhile, still investigating the complex, Lena and Kara hear movement and discover
Eve is there with them.Teschmacher is surprised and happy to see them. She claims to
have been “so scared” and is glad they showed up. Obviously, this was all a deception
on Eve’s part as she quickly reveals her true feelings. She cheerfully claims to love
them, but she loves Lex more and will always be on his side. Lena angrily threatens her
with jail time.

Back at the D.E.O., George arrives in an anger to talk to his father. Though Ben tries to
reassure his son that this is all for him, George is not very receptive and is angry at him
for leaving at the funeral.

Back in Kaznia, Lena and Kara put cuffs on Eve, who leads them to Lex’s staging area.
To their horror, they discover that Lex is conspiring with the Kaznian Government to
invade the United States. Lena dismisses the plan at first saying it’s “like throwing a
stone at a tank.” Eve freaks out and repeats the word tank over and over again. The
women quickly realize that he does in fact have a “tank” in the form of the harun-el clone
of Supergirl as raised by Lex, which greatly worries Kara. They also quickly realize that
“Eve” is not really Eve at all as this disappears and the real one comes around the
corner. Teschmacher sets off the self-destruct sequence and drops kryptonite into the
room and leaves. As Lena and Kara race to escape the building, Kara discovers Red
Daughter’s room and pretending to forget her tape recorder, she goes back to burn the
room down with her laser vision. Before they can escape, multiple “Eve’s” attack them
with the real one taking on Lena in a well fought one on one duel on Lena’s jet.
Elsewhere,Kara is forced to be Supergirl for a time in order to fend off the Eve army.
They both are successful in fighting off their attackers and escape before the building

Meanwhile, Lockwood and his agents find Lena’s raw and unperfected serum and track
down the location of the alien women who killed his wife. She is found in a compound
with many other innocent aliens, which doesn’t bother Lockwood at all as he orders his
men to round them up for intensive questioning. Brainy tries to convince him that this
isn’t right, but Lockwood becomes more and more aggressive. James as Guardian and
Dreamer show up to confront Lockwood after they get a tip from Brainy. Lockwood
injects himself with the serum after Brainy gives an impassioned speech in hopes of
converting the D.E.O. agents back to the right side. A brawl breaks out as a powered
Ben begins hurling things at the Super Friends. James’s strength comes in handy, but all
three are knocked down. Just when hope seems lost as Lockwood presses his foot on
the Olsen’s chest, J’onn triumphantly arrives and tries to talk Lockwood off of the ledge,
but when that proves futile, he throws him into an oil tanker. The Secretary emerges
from the fire of the explosion with tattered clothes and full of rage, but not injured at all.
Back on Lena’s jet, after Lena opens up about her feelings concerning Lex and Eve,
Kara almost reveals herself as Supergirl, but changes her mind. Lena says she will

never forgive Eve or Lex for what they have done to her. Luthor praises Kara for being
trustworthy and for helping her.This strong stance causes Kara to back off from
revealing her secret.

Back at her apartment, Alex gets an unfortunate call from the agency that reveals the
mother has changed her mind and decided to keep the child. Alex is devastated, but
Kelly comforts her. Kelly opens up about her past which involved her being engaged to a
woman who served as her sergeant in the military. Olsen reassures her that she will get
a second chance and to not give up hope. Though this is a deep wound, it will eventually
become a faded scar.

Back at the church, George angrily yells at his father for leaving him and not being there
for his family. Ben tries again to tell his son that all he has done and is doing is for him.
George firmly takes a stand against him saying that he is selfish and that he will never
forgive him for it. George storms out saying he hates his father. Lockwood remains in the
pews and is revealed to be holding a glowing purple vial and his eyes shift to black
indicating he still has abilities.

At CatCo, Kara informs James of her findings in Kaznia as well as almost revealing
herself to Lena. She tells him that she is going to tell her once this is all over. She
doesn’t want to ruin their friendship and couldn’t bring herself to tell her after Lena
seemed so hurt about Eve. James agrees with her decision and asks what she plans to
do with her findings. “My duty as an American citizen,” Kara replies.

At the White House, Kara takes the files to the President (who now has Kryptonite in his
office following the attack) and informs him of Kaznia’s impending attack and the
Supergirl clone. She also informs him that his Chief of Staff has been colluding with Lex
and the Kaznian’s. President Baker asks if there is any proof. Kara hands him the file,
which he places in a drawer in his desk as he asks her if anyone else knows. She tells
him no one does as she felt it was important to warn him herself. With a smile and
pressing a button under his desk, he tells her she made the right choice as several men
put a bag over her head.

I have to say once more that this season of Supergirl is honestly becoming my season
yet. This episode adds to this by featuring more intense an well crafted action, intrigue,
and heartfelt moments. Speaking of which, Chyler Leigh and Azie Tesfai were fantastic
in this episode and played off of each other well. Leigh’s performance was very moving
especially her reaction to the adoption falling apart. I liked that they touched on this
storyline again. Hopefully, they return to her memories again in the last two episodes as
well. I loved the face off between the Super friends and Lockwood featuring a surprise
Martian assist. Can’t wait to see more of superpowered Guardian in action. However, the
highlight of the episode was the Lena and Kara storyline which almost saw Kara finally
reveal herself. I loved Kara trying to help by using her powers, but also maintain the
Kara guise. It will be interesting to see how Lena will feel about truth when it is in fact
revealed. I expect the secret to come out in the finale and to have a negative effect on
their friendship (possibly leading to Lena being the next big bad).

Overall, this was another great episode and I look forward to seeing how the season

Stay tuned for more reviews her on Earth-9 and come back next week for another recap
& review for Supergirl.

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