Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep13 – Egg MacGuffin Review

So the team are in a state of calm after the alleged defeat of Neron. And while Neron’s away Sara believes that the team should play and sort out their personal lives.

Step 1 has Sara playing matchmaker by sending Nate and Zari to New York 1933 and the Adventurers Society where a magical blip has been recorded. The blip is in fact a golden egg that Nate and Zari must recover. Sara gives them a cover story whereby Nate is Indiana Jones and Zari is Marian. Sara as always not subtle and the plan nearly backfires when Nate and Zari think their capture by Nazis is part of the setup.

Meanwhile Constantine is out looking for a cure for Nora. Ray goes to visit Nora and for the first time the demon within manifests and shows itself by trying to force Ray to smother Nora. Ray manages to stop himself just in time but it’s a battle of wills and how long can Ray hold on? Ray retreats to what he knows – science, in the hope of an answer. Neron tells Ray that he will force him to kill a loved one so he can have his soul. Ray looks for Constantine and finds Gary. Ray finally manages to tell Gary he is possessed but as Ray doesn’t love Gary then it wouldn’t be the case that Neron would get his soul if Gary died. It is at this point that Gary’s apprarent carefree exterior melts away and you see that Gary feels like the outsider, the doormat, the bait, the bottom of the pecking order and the person that people care the least about.

Back in 1933, Sara and Ava rush from book club to find Nate and Zari. They regroup and Nate returns to the Waverider to see Ray who is acting oddly while Ava, Sara and Zari go in search of the egg. With some quick moves the Nazis are defeated and the egg retrieved. Mission accomplished.

Meanwhile Mick and Charlie have gone to Romanticon to pick up $20k if they reveal the identity of author Rebecca. Mona eventually forces the truth and Mick is outed once and for all.

Nate arrives on the Waverider and is attacked by Ray. Nate is unconscious and it looks as though he is about to cash in his chips when Ray makes a deal with Neron to give his soul willingly if Neron spares Nate. And in a moment the demon is in control. Back at the Time Bureau Constantine has found the pheonix feather for Nora’s cure and is able to awaken her from her magical coma. Nora is able to tell Constantine that Neron is in control of Ray and Constantine who is as fearless as ever goes in search of Neron.

They find each other and it isn’t long before Constantine has Neron in a magical restraint. However Constantine needs Gary to help him so the demon can be exorcised to save Ray. Except Gary’s mind is in turmoil and Neron knows his weakness. The feelings of being everyone’s doormat take over and Neron works on tempting Gary to his side. Neron does this by offering Gary the opportunity to be reunited with his nipple.

Constantine pleads with Gary that the nipple is cursed and has been to hell but Gary doesn’t listen and they are reunited. Neron breaks free and throws Constantine across the room and Gary joins Neron as they leave the Waverider together.

Ava, Sara and Zari return to the waverider to find a battered and bruised Nate who reveals Ray’s fate. The team are devestated and Sara has to break the news to Mick, Mona and Charlie. Meanwhile Ava has recruited Nora to join the Time Bureau to go in pursuit of Neron. Her redemption is complete. Nate and Zari finally share a moment which is interupted by the golden egg which turns out to be a dragon’s egg.

So in review the episode paves the way for the final straight of the season. Poor Ray how will they save him now that he has given himself willingly to Neron? This sacrifice was the ultimate act of friendship. What about Gary? Although he has now sided with Neron it is clear that he carried a lot of pain and this pain was easy to exploit to let the darkness enter. I never ever saw Gary betraying the team but he clearly has his own demons. It’s good to see Nora go full circle from fugitive to time bureau agent. It’s almost a role reversal whereby Nora now has to save Ray. However will she end up like Constantine having to send Neron and Ray to hell? What about Constantine is he ok after the altercation with Neron? The team face a significant challenge. They have already proved that they couldn’t send Charlie to hell when she shifted her shape to mirror Amaya, Will they do any better when the danger is Neron and there is a lot more to lose? Whatever happens Constantine, Nora and the rest of the legends are a formidable team. However I wouldn’t count my dragon eggs before they are hatched as it is now open season and anything can happen going forward.

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