The Flash – S5 Ep19 – Snow Pack Review

Barry returns from leaving Nora in the future to a huge bust up with Iris. She’s mad that he didn’t include her in his decision and more so that she didn’t get to say goodbye. Damn, I’ve never seen Barry display this much rage before. He actually gets pretty spiteful with Iris too which is mostly through frustration that no one appears to sympathise with him. For him, Eobard Thawne is probably the one person he could never forgive and Iris only fuels the fire in his belly by confirming that she doesn’t.

It’s lucky Barry doesn’t go back for Nora as she’s headed straight over to Thawne for help. She realises that he was able to travel through the speed force undetected and he ends up trying to help her use negative force to get back to 2019. Ralph helps Iris travel to the future to find Nora, but her visit makes things a whole lot worse. Nora ends up using the anger towards Barry’s actions and eventually finds the negative force. Let’s just say she doesn’t arrive back quite the same.

It’s a huge week for Caitlin as Icicle returns to kidnap her and her Mum. He has plans to turn his family ‘The Snow Pack’ into permanent ice people. Killer Frost surfaces and saves the day but with some twists and turns thrown into the mix, Caitlin doesn’t get the ending she is teased with. Caitlin and Killer Frost have been thrust into the forefront throughout this season and I’ve loved it. I love Caitlin and I love Killer Frost even more. There was a great ice war between Icicle and Killer Frost which left me wishing we got to see her fight more.

As the episode moves along things are looking bad for Iris and Barry. She even begins a ‘Dear John’ letter but is stopped by Ralph who compares their relationship to that of Harry and Megan. Once again, Ralph was invaluable this week as he cut some majorly tense moments with his humour. The plot with Cicada (or Cicada 2.0 as she’s been affectionately named) picks up again also as Future Grace breaks Little Grace out of hospital. There’s not much left of this season now so I’m expecting the last 3 episodes to heavily focus around her.

There was quite a lot going on this week. The pace really picked up again and I’d go so far as to say this episode brought back the magic from Season 4. It doesn’t look like things will be slowing down either. Sherloque is on the verge of disappearing, Nora is on the warpath and Cicada 2 is in possession of something quite dangerous. Then there’s Eobard Thawne. He’s on death row with the clock almost down to zero. With Iris revealing that she believes he truly cares for Nora, maybe Thawne is about to be saved? Either way, I can’t wait to see!

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