Justice League Vs The Fatal Five Review

When I first saw the trailer for Justice League vs The Fatal Five I thought cool another Justice League animated movie but who are the Fatal Five? I had heard the name before but I could not have told you who the members of the Five were. After watching this movie all I want to know is when or where will we see them again? They were awesome and felt like a real threat to the league.

In the 31st three members of The Fatal Five (Mano, Tharok and The Persuader) are attacking The Legion of Super-Heroes headquarters as they want to steal a time ship. The only members of the Legion around to stop them are Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5 and Star Boy. Brainiac 5 tries to set a booby-trap on the time ship so it will freeze Mano and company in time. Saturn Girl and Star Boy try and hold them off while it’s being set. It doesn’t take long for The Fatal Three (for now) to get past them and take control of the time ship. Star Boy goes after the trio and is pulled back in time with them.

As they materialize in the present day Star Boy manages to distract Mano long enough for the trap to go off. The three are encased in the ship as they crash to earth. Superman saves a boy from being crushed by the ship (which now looks like a metal sphere) he takes it to The Justice League headquarters for analysis. Meanwhile Star Boy lands in Gotham and is distraught to find the drugs he uses to stabilise his mind are destroyed. He tries to find replacement drugs but they do not exist yet. His mind is slipping and he is forgetting why he is in the past. After scaring a pharmacist Star Boy has a run in with Batman who takes him to Arkham.

Jessica Cruz is struggling to come to terms with a near death experience and seeing two of her friends murdered in front of her. Jessica also has the added pressure of being a Green Lantern and feels the ring choosing her was a mistake. She visits a therapist who is no help to her at all. Wonder Woman confronts and attacks Jessica to force her to use her lantern powers but Jessica still doesn’t feel like a hero.

The villainous and deranged Bloodsport is holding hostages at a TV studio and he won’t let them go until former president John F Kennedy appears and admits that his assassination was a hoax. Miss Martian disguised as a weather girl and Batman take Bloodsport down. Miss Martian is trying to become a full member of The Justice League but Batman isn’t sure she is ready yet.

Mr Terrific has been trying to work out what the metal sphere is for the last 10 months. After a chat with Superman they realise that the sphere is out of sync with their time. Mr Terrific bombards it with high speed particles and discover that it’s a ship. Unfortunately the bombardment unlocks the ship and releases Mano, Tharok and The Persuader. A battle ensues and The Persuader manages to wound Superman with his axe.

At Arkham Batman is checking in on Star Boy with one of the doctors. The Doctor claims that while Star Boy is still delusional he is also a model patient. Well he was until he sees Mano on a TV. Star Boy freaks out and escapes Arkham. He rants on about 21 bridges and Limelight and protecting it from The Fatal Five.

We find out Mano has come back in time to rescue the two other members of The Fatal Five The Emerald Empress (his lover) and Validus (the muscle of the group) he just needs to find the key to free them.

Batman and the League deduce the 21 bridges and Limelight are a reference to Jessica Cruz. Mano, Tharok and The Persuader draw out Jessica who is the key to freeing their comrades. With help from Star Boy and The Justice League Jessica manages to repel the three for the time being.

Jessica takes Star Boy to The Watchtower where Batman asks Miss Martian to transport Jessica and him into Star Boys mind so they can discover more about their foes. Inside Star Boy’s mind they see The Legion Museum where Jessica finds out that The Green Lantern Corps no longer exist in the 31st century. From Star Boys memories they witness a battle between The Legion and all the members of The Fatal Five. The Legion manages to capture The Emerald Empress and Validius. Brainiac 5 suggests that they imprison them in another time.

Mr Terrific wakes up Batman and the others to show them a message from Mano. Tharok has set up bombs all over Metropolis and other cities. They threaten to blow them all up if Jessica doesn’t surrender to them. To prove they are not bluffing Tharok sets off the bombs in Metropolis. The League rush off to save the city. While they are gone Jessica overcome with guilt gives herself up. Jessica takes the trio to the home of The Green Lantern Corps Oa. This is where The Legion sent The Emerald Empress and Validius to be imprisoned as it was the only place that could hold them. Jessica frees the prisoners but not before warning the corps about the dire situation she was in. Jessica and other corps members Kilowog and Salaak try to stop The reunited Fatal Five but they are no match for them. The Persuader destroys Jessica’s ring and she passes out.

Emerald Empress uses the Emerald Eye of Ekron to steal the Lanterns power source so they can destroy the earth’s sun which would mean no earth, no humanity and no Legion to oppose them in the future. Now all The Five need is the time ship.

Mr Terrific has the time ship taken to an army base for safe keeping. Only problem is there is no safe place from The Fatal Five. They recover the ship just before The League arrives to take them on in one final battle.

Back on Oa Jessica awakes to find her fellow Lantern members unconscious. She recites The Lanterns oath which re-forges her ring, she saves Kilowog and Salaak. Exhausted, Jessica tells her ring to take her home just before she collapses. The League takes out four of The Fatal Five but they cannot bring down Emerald Empress, she incapacitates them and sends the eye into space to destroy the sun. Thankfully for them Jessica (who is now fully embracing her Lantern powers) arrives just in time to stop The Fatal Five from escaping in the time ship. She shatters the ship and brings an entire mountain down on The Fatal Five.

Superman flies off to stop the eye, but he is too late. The eye detonates inside the sun and it starts to fracture. Star Boy asks Jessica to take him to the sun where he sacrifices himself to keep the sun in one piece. He reaches the core and uses his powers to pull the sun back together.

The League pay tribute to Star Boy and Jessica proclaims that he is her hero. They are joined by the Legion who honour the memory of their fallen friend.

I really enjoyed this movie even though I was disappointed by the lack of a certain scarlet speedster. We saw Jessica Cruz go through her hero’s journey and become one of the most powerful Green Lanterns ever. As I have mentioned I knew very little of The Fatal Five before watching but now I need to see more of them. I know they were buried under a mountain but I’m sure that won’t stop them from appearing again in the future.

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