Arrow – S7 Ep18 – Lost Canary Review

This episode felt special as it heavily featured the female cast. We saw it coming … Laurel has caved and in retaliation to the negativity and goading towards her she’s back as Black Siren and seems even more hell bent on causing havoc. Once she finds Shadow Thief, an old acquaintance, there’s no stopping her as they team up on a mission of causing hell.

What’s better than one canary? That’s right, 3 canaries (well 2 canaries and a siren). Sara Lance returned to Star City to help Felicity and Dinah stop Laurel’s mission of self destruction. Dinah and Felicity start off with opposing views as Dinah shows no sympathy for Laurel whatsoever and just wants to send her down for her return to criminal activity. Felicity on the other hand still believes that Laurel is good deep down, she believes the friendship they have struck is genuine and that all she needs is for people to give her a break.

All of this gives us a fantastic episode. We see the 3 canaries in combat which was brilliant to watch. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we rarely see Sara use her canary cry these days so seeing, or more to the point – hearing her use it again was so nostalgic. It’s not long before Felicity convinces the others that Laurel really does just need to be shown some love and once they take a different approach, Laurel comes through. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Scenes between Sara and Laurel were really meaningful. Sara must feel so much sadness when she returns home after the deaths of her sister and Quentin. I love that she’s willing to share her father with this Laurel who in reality shares no connection to him. An apology from Dinah practically sets Laurel free and she decides to take a step on the road of redemption.

I can’t compliment Katie Cassidy enough. She’s been sensational this whole season, which is huge when you consider she’s been on the show since season 1. Her portrayal of this Laurel has been engrossing and while she’s playing a different version, she’s just been amazing to watch! The end of the episode sees Laurel decide to right her wrongs on Earth 2 but I hope this doesn’t mean she will stay away for too long.

There’s a side story of Oliver and Diggle on the hunt of Emiko’s Mother’s killer which brings Kodiak back to our screen. Even though it was brief, it was nice to have him back. I would say I hope to see him again but with Diaz gone I guess there’s not much place for the Longbow Hunters. The Canaries feature in 2040 too and we discover that Dinah has built a rebellion group of women, initially as a support system. Mia finds herself in a spot of bother and she’s saved by a new, very familiar face which again just makes the flash forwards that bit more exciting.

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