Supergirl – S4 Ep17 – All About Eve Review

Supergirl and friends experience the fallout from Lex’s despicable actions and more of Eve’s secrets are exposed. Meanwhile, J’onn has a crisis of identity and gets a visit from someone important to him. An explosive ending sends Supergirl’s world into chaos.

Season 4 of Supergirl is now in overdrive! Lex Luthor’s presence is felt during this entire episode though he does not appear at all. The fallout of his actions during the previous two episodes is devastatingly felt by all of the Superfriends. While this episode deals with Kara focused on finding Eve and Lex, it also features a much needed reconciliation and a deeply emotional Martian storyline.

This intense episode begins with Alex and the DEO finding Lena unconscious in her office. As she wakes up, Lean tries to tell Alex about Lex, but the Director assures her that they are doing everything in their power to find and apprehend her brother. They find a letter from Lex on Lena’s desk which reveals Eve’s deception and her work as a spy for him. He ends the letter with threat for Lena saying he will have her killed if she pursues him. He blames her for betraying him first.

Meanwhile, Kara and J’onn scour the skies for Lex, but are not successful in finding him. Kara blames herself for Lex’s actions as she feels she failed to protect Earth as Clark instructed. J’onn, with his own troubles weighing on him, attempts to speed up the process by connecting to the psychic net, but it struck unconscious after hearing his father’s voice. He falls out of the sky, but is saved by Kara, mirroring one the more famous Supergirl comic book covers. This is fitting as it is the 60 Anniversary of the character. Back on the ground, J’onn informs Kara that he wishes to contact his father for guidance using the Staff of Kohlar.

Elsewhere, Kelly and James discuss his recovery with the former suggesting trauma counselling among other things. James is frustrated at her suggestions insisting that he is fine. He says he needs to get back to work protecting aliens at the paper as Lockwood is working on repealing the Alien Amnesty Act. He suffers a brief attack of some kind as a result of the treatment presumably which concerns Kelly.

Meanwhile, Ben Lockwood and his son George talk in his office about the upcoming repeal, when they receive a call informing them of a senator’s refusal to vote their way.
As a sign of peace, Supergirl arrives at the DEO with donuts and offers her assistance in the search for Lex Luthor. Colonel Haley reveals that they are not a part of the search efforts, but the other government agencies are active in that endeavor. They all agree that they must do something to help. Haley agrees to take point as far as DC is concerned while Alex and Supergirl conduct their own investigation. Alex tells Supergirl that she will go question Lena about Teschmacher and that she should wait to hear from her. She says it would be better due to Lena’s strained relationship with the Girl of Steel. Supergirl reluctantly agrees. Before she heads out, Supergirl gives Brainy his Legion ring back much to his delight.

Back at his P.I. building, J’onn attempts to summon his father’s spirit with the staff only to become frustrated as it doesn’t appear to work. Someone knocks incessantly on his door which frustrates him more, but his frustration quickly turns to joy as his father appears at the door. J’onn is overwhelmed with happiness at the sight of his late father. J’onn apologizes for his recent behavior and his failure in following his example. M’yrnn reveals he is not here to help his son, but rather to take back the Sacred Symbols and the Martian knowledge with him. He is disappointed at his son’s failure. He goes to leave, but stays as J’onn collapses due to the removal of the symbols from his head.

At CatCo, Kelly tries again to convince James to accept treatment for his trauma. James believes that Manchester Black is behind the attack on his life and though the rogue is dead, he feels it is his duty to stand for the aliens in this trying time. He tells her that he is fine and that now would be a good time for her to go home.

Lena is alone in her hospital room and watches the news coverage of Lex’s escape which triggers her to go visit Lillian in jail for answers. The conversation goes as usual with the evil Luthor matriarch torments her by asking what Lena’s friends would think of her if they found out about her work with Lex on the Harun-el project. However, the conversation did prove somewhat fruitful as Lillian revealed that Eve Teschmacher fell for Lex and is enamored by him.
After her visit with Lillian, Lena returns to her office to find Alex waiting to question her about Eve. Supergirl arrives and the three of them agree to team up in this investigation which first leads them to question Eve’s cousin Bitsie, who is revealed to have received the cure in exchange for covering for her. Bitsie is desperate to keep the cure as she does not want to have cancer again. Eventually, she tells them about Eve’s secret lab.

In a secret location, Eve meets with Red Daughter and instructs her to wait for her signal.
Meanwhile, Lockwood and his son visit with Senator Granberry, who explains her reservations on voting for the repeal and ultimately declines to vote for it. Lockwood is disappointed.
Back at J’onn’s, the crisis stricken Martian spills his heart to his father, who agrees to help him with his problem. J’onn is distraught at the thought of losing the symbols and his memory of his culture as it would mean the end of the Green Martian way of life.

Alex, Lena, Supergirl then travel to Teschmacher’s lab at National City University. There the trio find the gun and bullets that link her James’s shooting as well as some Harun-el, which angers Supergirl. She initially snaps at Lena for creating the harun-el and blames her for Lex’s new found powers. Lena defends herself once again saying that she only had the purest intentions and did not want this to happen. Lena only wants to protect humans from the hostile aliens and is frustrated with Supergirl’s tendency to “ always see red” when she feels vulnerable. Alex takes Lena’s side pointing out all of the good that Luthor has done including saving Argo, Sam, and James. Supergirl explains that she feels the weight of world now that Superman left for Argo and especially now that Lex is free. She explains, “If my enemies are strengthened, and I’m weakened in the slightest bit, then I lose.” She feels that she cannot lose and only wants to protect everyone. Lena apologizes and the two patch things up. They then find documentation of her revival of Otis Graves in connection to a failed Metallo project she worked on with Lex. A rogue Metallo experiment then attacks them, but is quickly destroyed when Lena and Alex comes to a weakened Supergirl’s aid.

Meanwhile back at J’onn’s, the distressed martian lashes out at his father and blames him for letting Mars burn in the war while sitting and praying instead of doing something about it. The elder Martian snaps back accusing J’onn of not exactly doing a good job of protecting this world. He brings up J’onn’s failure concerning Manchester Black, allowing him desecrate his grave site among other things. J’onn eventually snaps and shouts “I am not a man of peace! I am the Martian Manhunter!” After this realization, M’yrnn explains that he did not want his son to become him. He never wished to change his son’s nature. His ultimate desire was for J’onn to help the world in his best possible way. He apologizes saying he failed him. He only wanted to impart his unconditional love for him. J’onn realizes that his father is only an extension of his own mind and that the answers he sought were inside himself. He then recalls the place where H’ronmeer handed down the sacred symbols and decides to take back there in hopes that someone worthy of them will come along and receive them.

At CatCo, Kara visits James and tells him that it was Eve that shot him and about her connection to Lex. He is shocked and hurt, but he remains resolved. They are alerted to the news where they see that Senator Granberry has ultimately voted for the repeal thus making it official: the Alien Amnesty Act is no more. They are shocked and heartbroken at this news. They also notice that Eve, wearing an inhibitor, is there in the crowd. Kara goes to find her as James goes to the White House as press hoping to find and question Lockwood, not only about this terrible event, but also about his connection to Lex.

Meanwhile, Lena goes once again to visit Lillian. She presents her mother with a map of the prison which Lex has marked in red near his mother’s room. Lena tells her that Lex planned to come back and kill to tie up loose ends rather than save her as she previously thought. This revelation leads Lillian to agree to tell Lena how to find him.

Outside the White House, a peaceful protest takes place in response to the repeal. Inside, Lockwood asks the senator why she changed her mind. She worriedly replies “just take the win,” causing Lockwood to momentarily question things. James finds him and confronts him about his connection to Otis Graves and therefore Lex. Lockwood denies any connection to Lex and is surprised to hear that Graves is alive.

Meanwhile, Supergirl finds Eve only to discover that she is using a hologram. Eve’s trap is activated which is in the form of a Kryptonite laced Lexo-suit that proceeds to trap Kara inside. The White House is then rocked with an explosion and the lights go out. Red Daughter appears dressed as Supergirl and begins to wreak havoc with her heat vision killing several journalists and senators. James protects Lockwood’s son, but ultimately has another episode when a fire fight breaks out. Lockwood cowers on the floor and attempts to fire on Red Daughter, who simply says: “Let them hate, so long as they fear.” She gives him a smile before flying off thus sparing his life. She then sets the roof of the White House on fire.

Following the attack, President Baker addresses the nation saying that Supergirl has attacked them in retaliation to the repeal with her brute alien justice. He then asserts martial law and declares the Girl of Steel public enemy number one! Everyone watches in shock. Alex doesn’t believe that Supergirl really did this. Haley surprisingly agrees.
Alex and Lena then summon Supergirl and inform her of their belief in her and their desire to help her clear her name taking down Lex in the process.
Also, James, shaken from the attack, accepts Kelly’s help and asks her to stay in town.

Overall, another strong episode of Supergirl! Ever since Lex’s introduction, I feel like the season has kicked into overdrive and been truly can’t miss TV. Speaking of Lex, the fallout from his actions was devastating! The search for Lex and Eve brought together our heroes in a great way and led to a much needed reconciliation between Lena and Supergirl. Now if only Lena would find out Kara is in fact Supergirl that would be great. Speaking of the Luthors, I loved seeing Brenda Strong as Lillian again and always enjoy her scenes with Katie McGrath. While the search for Eve and Lex was highly entertaining, the highlight of this episode was J’onn’s storyline. David Harewood has been incredible on the show from the start, but in recent seasons has really delivered exceptionally powerful performances. His crisis of identity storyline has really been a key part of this season and thus my enjoyment of the season as well. This episode in particular was special as it featured the return of guest star Carl Lumbly as M’rynn. Lumbly’s elder martian is one of my favourite characters in the entire series and his storyline last season was deeply moving for me as the dementia aspect hit close to home. My grandmother suffered from the disease before her passing a few years ago. So his appearance in this episode was a welcome surprise. I love his dynamic with Harewood. They both give truly emotional and incredible performances in this episode. Also, while I saw it coming, I loved that we finally have Red Daughter actively involved with the main storyline. I knew she would eventually impersonate Supergirl, but still found her attack on the White House exciting and well done. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds now with all of the pieces in place.
But alas we have reached a the two week break for Supergirl as well.

Stay tuned for more reviews here at Earth 9 and come back on April 21, 2019 for another Supergirl recap and review!

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