Arrow – S7 Ep17 – Inheritance Review

We’re back in the present day this week and after Laurel’s discovery that Emiko was responsible for Ricardo Diaz’ firey end we are about to delve deeper into her history.

Flashbacks give us insight into Emiko’s relationship with her father, Robert Queen. This means we also get to see Jamey Sheridan back on our screen. Being abandoned by him and kicked out of the luxurious accommodation I’m assuming her kept them in, she turns to a life of petty crime and crosses paths with Dante. He trains her, becomes a father figure to her and fuels her hatred towards her real Dad. Hatred that has some huge consequences.

You have to feel sorry for Laurel. She’s spent the entire season trying to prove herself to the people around her and live up to the goodness Quentin saw in her. She’s worked hard at leaving her Black Siren ways behind her and has been living a lawful life as Star City’s DA. If only the others would see this and give her a break. Apart from Felicity, they all seem to be on her case and she feels pressure from Oliver and Dinah this week which clearly pushes her to breaking point. When she reveals her Emiko discovery to Oliver he simply doesn’t believe her. He’s actually quite rude and seems to have forgotten the big part she played in having him released from Slabside. Emiko adds fuel to the fire and I’m guessing it won’t be long until we hear from Black Siren again. Katie Cassidy was excellent in this episode and I’d say season 7 has been a real high for her.

When Oliver confronts his sister she tells him how she’s stuck with Dante with no way of escaping his evil clutches. This isn’t quite the truth. In fact by the end of the episode we see just how far from the truth this is and suddenly the excitement of Oliver reconnecting with a long lost family member isn’t quite the celebration it started off as. We’re also seeing the beginnings of Felicity’s Archer programme coming to the attention of the wrong people.

We haven’t really had the presence of a big bad this season, it hasn’t actually needed it. But with the revelations and story progression this week it looks like it’s all about to kick off!

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