Arrow – S7 Ep16 – Star City 2040 Review

The flash forwards have been a huge success during season 7 but to have a whole episode set in the future could have been a bit risky. For me, this episode totally worked and was a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

Stephen Amell tweeted that he’d handed the keys to Katherine McNamara this week, and she really was the driving force as Mia Smoak. We are given a glimpse into her childhood, of being hidden away by her parents who fear for her safety incase her identity was ever revealed. She spends years training to be a fighter and it was awesome to see Nyssa as her teacher, even if she was only on screen for a minimal amount of time. She stumbles upon a big secret Felicity has been keeping from her, and feeling completely betrayed by her mother she leaves home in search of the truth in Star City. This brings us up to date with the main story running through the time jump.

The betrayal she feels gives us a big insight into why Mia behaves as she does. Feeling that her life was surrounded by lies means that she finds it hard to trust people. When she discovers that Connor has too been hiding something from her she’s pretty angry. I mean, there are times where she makes Oliver look like Mickey Mouse. Maybe a bit of an over reaction, but in context you can see why, plus Agent Hawke has been keeping a very big secret. Her relationship with William is really developing nicely though and she even shows that she cares for him in her desire to keep him safe. I love watching their relationship develop. There were points of the episode that felt like a new show was being set up revolving around Mia, William and Connor. This really would feel like a natural progression once Arrow ends and those three characters would be a great replacement for OTA who we all love. Forget Oliver’s impressive salmon ladder skills, Mia can do handstand push ups AND she’s pretty nifty with a bow and arrow.

There were great moments where we see these great characters come together as a new version of Team Arrow. Roy, Zoe and Dinah join our newbies in their search of Felicity and it was heart warming to see her reunited with her friends, and most importantly – her kids! We even got to see them in action as they try to stop the dastardly head honcho of evil company Galaxy One, Kevin Dale. He’s not stupid though and he’s got big plans for his mission to wipe out vigilantes. Dinah is always a hit and it’s so much fun to see Roy back in action, even if he does get carried away. I’m hoping we get to see more of Zoe’s incarnation of the canary at some point, as well as seeing more about her relationship with Rene. It’s hard to imagine what made Rene turn his back on his friends when he seems to be the one who holds them all together.

I must mention that I totally appreciated Connor’s Spiderman quote. People struggle to see that we can all enjoy Marvel and DC equally … you don’t have to pick one over the other people!!! It was nicely placed and wasn’t made into a huge deal. The episode wraps up with another big revelation. The state of Star City in 2040 is all Felicity’s fault. The paranoia she felt after her experiences with Ricardo Diaz prompted her to give birth to the Archer programme which is now being used to destroy everything. Well done Felicity!

I don’t expect for every single event from the 20 years between time periods to be filled in for us BUT I would love to know more about how Nyssa ended up teaching Mia. I want to know about their relationship. As I mentioned, we need some more context for the change in Rene and it would be great to see Diggle at some point. Most of all though I would like to know WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO OLIVER????? Because no one is saying a thing right now.

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