Arrow – S7 Ep15 – Training Day Review

Before I start I guess I have to address the announcement Stephen Amell made last week that Arrow will end after season 8, which will comprise of 10 episodes. This show means a lot to me for several reasons and I’ll be extremely sad to say goodbye to it. Having said that it’s always good for a show to end on a high, before people get bored of it. Yes I’m absolutely gutted, yes I’m going to miss it immensely but we still have 17 episodes left and I am betting that it’s going to go out with a bang!

I must say that again, there was a real classic Arrow feel this week. The episode starts off with Oliver and the team training with SCPD. They struggle to make a smooth transition from vigilante to using their skills to fit in with a more lawful approach to crime fighting. Oliver doesn’t appear to enjoy sharing control and gets frustrated that his voice isn’t heard. There’s almost been a gear change in Arrow recently. Felicity has returned to the bubbly, chirpy, bumbling geeky girl that viewers first took to. I love this Felicity. I love her getting excited over hacking into various IT systems and talking to the others about tech stuff they don’t understand. I also love having Diggle back where he belongs, by Oliver’s side as part of the team. Whilst it was nice to see him grow as a character as part of ARGUS it’s just not the same when he’s kept separate. OTA are the heart of the show. Their relationship is what drew us in and I’m so glad to be seeing more of this again. We also got THE line this week … hearing Oliver command “you have failed this city” just always brings a smile to my face.

There’s some great moments with Dinah throughout the episode as she discovers that she’s lost her canary cry. When all hell breaks loose and she’s forced to take a side, she picks her role at SCPD over her place in Team Arrow due to feeling useless. Juliana Harkavy was superb this week. I felt my heart breaking into tiny pieces as she struggled to come to terms with the result of her injury. Finally opening up to Rene she realises that there’s more to being the canary than just her cry. She’s integral, she’s important and most of all she’s badass. There’s a scene towards the end where she arrests someone after beating the crap out of them as Black Canary. This is nothing short of erotic. 😆 Rene really is shaping up to be the glue holding the team together.

We are taken to a refurbished and replenished Arrow bunker which inspires the gang to find a way to keep their identity whilst still a part of SCPD. We’ve had members of the team come and go but the current line up just works so well. Seeing Oliver, Diggle, Rene and Dinah working together in their costumes with Felicity in their ear again was such a joy. Laurel is kept busy when she’s called to visit Ben Turner in prison. Arranging for him to meet his son, Connor, leads her to discovering who killed Ricardo Diaz (I still don’t believe he’s dead). Erm … Connor Hawke is Bronze Tiger’s son!!!!!!! A huge reveal just quietly slid into the episode and there has to be more to unravel from this. Maybe we will meet Ben in the flash forwards?

Speaking of the future, Mia and William get round to playing Felicity’s tape. I am really enjoying watching these two and I’m left desperate to find out more from them each episode. On the tape, Felicity tells them that they had been kept apart to protect them and in no uncertain terms also instructs them to leave Star City and not to try to find her. Are they going to listen? Don’t be stupid!

This episode made me smile. Even though there were sad moments with Dinah it felt like we spend the last 40 minutes or so watching this fantastic team re-group and re-focus. This show is flipping awesome!!!

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