Supergirl – S4 Ep14 – Stand and Deliver Review

Lockwood moves to repeal the alien amnesty act. Tensions between him and the elite reach a boiling point at a peaceful march. Team superfriends take a stand and someone’s fate is left uncertain.

This powerful episode opens with the elite out on the town. Manchester is ready to take out Lockwood, who is about to make a speech accepting his new presidential appointment. Menagerie stays behind to feed on a wealthy woman who walked by them. Before she could feast, Supergirl, J’onn, and dreamer arrive. Dreamer uses her astral projection to trick the symbiote and they are able to capture her. Manchester and the hat attack Lockwood’s press conference, but their assassination attempt is thwarted by team Supergirl. The Morae is injured in the process, but the elite escape once again. Lockwood’s aid Quentin (guest star Jonathan Bennett of mean girls fame) thanks Supergirl, but is not thrilled that it was her who saved him.

General Haley urges Lena to test the serum on her soldiers now and asks why she has refused to do so. Lena tells her that it is not yet ready for testing and that she needs more time to perfect it. Haley begrudgingly grants her request.

Haley then meets with Alex to inform her of the president’s latest orders: she is to become Lockwood’s security chief. Lockwood assures her that he comes in peace and that she will be doing the country a great service.

Lockwood later addresses the nation on television again announcing his plan to repeal the alien amnesty act. This angers Kara and J’onn who watch while Nia is dreaming. The latter finds a lead on the elite which comes in the form of one of the Morae’s claws.

Meanwhile, Manchester, the hat, and the Morae arrive at the fortress of solitude to find tech to stop Supergirl so that they can achieve their objective without her interference. Black and the hat disagree on their main objective with black focused on revenge and the hat focused on going back for menagerie. The two seemingly part ways with the hat leaving him and the Morae to fend for themselves as dreamer and J’onn arrive to stop him. Supergirl arrives as well and helps dreamer take down the Morae while J’onn fights Manchester. Their confrontation ends with Manchester entering a room in the walls of the fortress. It turns out that he entered into a room housing a sun eater, which according to Kara is basically a bomb. J’onn says he can no longer sense black as the rage he felt from him is gone.

A peaceful march is organized by someone calling themselves American alien and Haley tasks brainy with finding the person and shutting it down. She fears that it will only escalate the tension between the two groups. Brainy says that he is having trouble accessing the mystery person’s website to get information. He then suggests to let the march happen in peace.

The march begins as Lockwood holds his anti-alien amnesty rally during which he declares that aliens don’t deserve protection. Humans do. It’s us or them. As the march makes its way to the rally, they are heckled by several anti-alien supporters one of them being Lockwood’s aid Quentin, who claims aliens are here to hurt humans. Supergirl confronts him and tells him that many of the people in the march are refugees just like her. He says that she is different because she is a superhero. After this confrontation, she decides to join her friends at the front of the march as Kara Zor-el, citizen of earth, in full Kryptonian robes.

Elsewhere, the hat strolls down a nearby corridor and meets with a very much alive Manchester black who thanks him for setting up that ruse. The two appear to be on the same page.

The rally becomes heated as several anti- alien supporters throw bottles at the aliens. Kara tells the aliens to remain peaceful.

In grand fashion, black, using the stolen tech, projects himself all over the rally inciting more violence.  He urges aliens to stand up against the children of liberty and any human who supports the anti-alien movement and kill them. Alex sends Lockwood off of the stage as chaos erupts. The police and the DEO along with the superfriends attempt to stop the conflict. Brainy confronts the hat and after a brief and impressive one on one fight brainy is able to retrieve his hat while Supergirl comes in with the assist. Meanwhile, Manchester goads J’onn into fighting him only to reveal that he had been beating a children liberty member who was gagged. Black escapes once again while J’onn is left ashamed of his actions. James is there with one of his alien reporters Franklin acting as his photographer and is able to capture several moments of humans saving aliens and vice versa. Quentin, inspired by Supergirl, even saves an alien at one point realizing the error of his ways. These photos are published in the article the next day which leads to the president and Lockwood deciding to hold congressional hearings on the alien rights issue instead of immediately repealing the act. It is a win for team superfriends for now at least.

Elsewhere, J’onn, in his prayer robes, kneels and reaches out to Manchester telepathically. When he can’t focus, he changes to his martian form declaring his intent to hunt him as the manhunter.

Kara and Alex have a nice chat about the events with Kara praising Alex for her dedication to her job in spite of the circumstances. Alex says she was inspired by Supergirl and is beginning to see her as a true hero. Kara says that a lot of good came out of the events. She is hopeful that more will realize that aliens and humans should live in peace together. She says, “every action counts, and every voice matters.”

Last but not least, as he is leaving his office, James is shot by an unknown and unseen attacker. He is left lying on the ground bleeding out.

A truly powerful episode! I commend the writers of this episode for showcasing important, topical issues in a non-preachy or forced way which the show has done in the past, in my opinion. However, this season as a whole has been great as far as that is concerned. I really enjoyed seeing dreamer use her variety of powers and eagerness to do so. In addition, the image of the four main alien characters standing together was truly moving. David Ajala is cementing himself as mvp of the season for me with every appearance. Manchester black is such a fascinating character and Ajala plays him perfectly. Can’t wait to see what’s next for him and his conflict with J’onn. My only issues are with episode are minor ones. On several occasions, Kara is very loose with her identity. She flies in to J’onn’s office in her Kara disguise telling her friends she flew across the world a few times in search of Manchester. All the while menagerie is in the room! Also, while it was a powerful statement, Kara introducing herself to the marchers as Kara Zor-el is sure to make some people think. However, the fact that her disguise is only glasses and diffferent clothes makes these things easy to forgive.

Next week looks epic as well with Lex Luthor’s Arrowverse debut. Jon Cryer’s take on the character is going be exciting to see. If the preview is any indication, he is going to be great!

Stay tuned for more reviews here at Earth 9 and come back next week for another Supergirl review!

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