Arrow – S7 Ep14 – Brothers and Sisters Review

Arrow is back with a bang and we have lots of welcome action from the Ghost Initiative. I’ve been anticipating seeing them fight together properly for weeks and we get a bit of that before it’s all ruthlessly ripped away from us. On paper Ricardo Diaz, Cupid, Kane Wolfman and China White stand as a formidable force when united, but Lyla and Diggle clearly have a hard task in getting them to play nicely with each other. Their first mission doesn’t go as planned either and Lyla finds herself faced with being forced out of ARGUS for taking a chance on them. We finally get to meet Dante in this episode and he’s pretty nifty with a knife or two. He’s like a martial arts master. And he has a surprising link to Oliver.

Oliver makes a big effort to establish a relationship with his estranged sister, Emiko. Rene might need to drop the Wild Dog get up and change career as he hands out some very good advice to the both of them throughout the episode. Emiko eventually lets Oliver in and discusses her mission with him. I found myself giggling as they bickered just as any brother and sister do and hearing Emiko tell Oliver to stop touching her stuff took me right back to one of the many scraps I had with my sister as a kid. We see them out on the field together and along with their interactions this week, I really noticed how much Oliver has changed as a character. Ever since he dropped the mask he’s just chill! He willingly takes a back seat in many situations now, he allows people to make decisions and take actions he doesn’t agree with and most of all, he’s become quite reflective and he freely apologises for his mistakes!!!

Our friends in the future are reeling from Mia’s big announcement from the previous episode. We learn here that no one else knew Oliver and Felicity had another child (Dinah and Roy are just as shocked as we were). Connor proves himself trustworthy too as he lets slip that he’s known all along due to his father’s instructions to keep an eye on her. William wants to get to know Mia and manages to convince her to work with him and the others. Mia believes that Felicity is still alive. We also find out here that William never heard from his parents once he went to live with his Grandparents. We know this isn’t true due to seeing Oliver filling his mailbox up with voicemails at the beginning of the episode. I’m interested to find out what happened exactly. Actually I’m desperate to know what happened to Oliver full stop. Mia definitely has her mother’s smarts though and thanks to some mad skills with a Rubik’s cube, discovers a huge clue which will help them going forward.

There were some quality OTA moments in this episode which were great to have. Diggle really came through for his friends and actually the whole episode had a real classic Arrow feel to it. I guess there are two major events this week. Felicity tells Oliver that she’s pregnant and as you’d expect, he’s very happy. Actually I must also add here that we continued to witness the evolution of Evil Laurel. She really showed true friendship towards Felicity after guessing her baby secret and even brought her supplies to make sure she’s taking care of herself. I’m not sure I can even bring myself to speak about the other. After being taken back to Slabside for spoiling Lyla and Diggle’s mission, Diaz is paid a visit by someone who sets his cell on fire. We are left watching the legendary character running around, set alight. My bet is on Laurel. She wanted revenge and as the DA she would have easy access to his cell. I don’t know if Kirk Acevedo has left the show – in fact he put out a tweet teasing the character’s fate, confirming neither outcome. I can only say I hope not. Ricardo Diaz is fantastic and we need him. It always feels like there’s so much more evilness bubbling away it surprises me that he didn’t have one last attempt at killing everyone. He’d surely have a much bigger exit so I’m 99% sure he’ll be back. No one can keep the dragon down.

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