Arrow – S7 Ep13 – Star City Slayer Review

I don’t even know where to start. This was an INCREDIBLE episode!

With the majority of the team receiving death threats via post it notes now, the storyline of the Star City Slayer is about to be wrapped up and it gets extremely creepy. I mentioned last week that was great to see Team Arrow back working together and we get that again this week but in a different capacity. They work together at SCPD in their newly appointed roles to work out the culprit of some recent murders which leads them to find their stalker.

Diggle, Dinah, Curtis and Rene end up at a house which can only be described as a house of horrors. Decorated with freaky statues, toys and blood stains all over the walls, half the team find a Slabside uniform and Dinah makes the connection between him being responsible for the murders their investigating and their stalker by discovering his photo gallery and his desire to look out for Oliver. She pays the price for her snooping by having her throat slit by their stalker. He’s revealed to be none other than Oliver’s prison buddy, Stanley Dover. We all knew there was more to Stanley and have been waiting for him to pop up again somewhere down the line. Brendan Fletcher plays the role fantastically, giving us the perfect amount of crazy.

He makes a quick getaway and shows up at Oliver’s home, interrupting their family dinner, paralysing them by exposing them to a gas through their vents. Again, Brendan is fantastic here as he delves into his past and reveals that he killed his parents and eventually his brother too. He turns from wanting to protect Oliver and his family from the people around them who he is convinced are trying to cause them harm, to finding them ungrateful and begins to threaten them. So much for Felicity’s home security system! Stanley gets a little knife happy but Oliver manages to save the day just in time. Phew!

There are two farewells this week too 😦 Curtis decides to take up a new job offer in DC, turning down the offer of a promotion at ARGUS due to not agreeing with their ethics. I’m really going to miss Echo Kellum as Curtis. He’s added so much comedic relief to the show during some of its darkest times and has been a TERRIFIC addition to the cast. At least the role has been left open though so there’s still the opportunity to turn up in the future. Also, after displaying some impressive teenage angst, William makes the choice to go and live with his Grandparents in Central City.

Now there’s some HUGE reveals in 2038. Roy, Dinah, Big William and Big Zoe find themselves at the Arrow bunker and are unexpectedly met by Mia and Connor. It’s not long before Dinah recognises Connor …. John Diggle’s son! There’s a great fight between them all here too and I loved seeing Colton Haynes back in battle. Perhaps the biggest jaw dropping moment this week comes right at the end after we see Felicity discover that she’s pregnant in the present day, Mia reveals that she is in fact William’s sister …

… Say hello to Mia Smoak!!! I wonder if she can complete a Rubik’s cube as quick as her Mum?

I was never a fan of the flashbacks but these flash forwards are insanely awesome!!!!!

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