Titans – S1 Ep10 – Koriandr Review

Ok so this episode we are back to our team and the whole Kory trying to kill Rachel scenario! Luckily, she is saved by Dick and Donna getting there just in time and Donna using her Lasso!!! Rachels mum quite rightly tells Kory to leave and she does but Dick and Donna follow her.

Everything is not as it seems in Rachels mums house and things are getting weird!!! Gar is seeing things, Rachel is not doing great and her mum is getting weird phone calls, somethings going on!

Meanwhile Kori has driven to a abandoned warehouse and Dick and Donna catch up to her, Korys memories are flashing back faster and she knows something inside is important, inside she speaks some alien words and her spaceship appears out of nowhere, the three go on board at which point we start to get a full on rundown on what the hell is going on!!

So, it would seem that Kory has been sent to Earth to stop Trigon (yay we finally get a full on namecheck!) from destroying planets including her home planet of Tamaran! Trigon has been banished to another dimension but before that he sired a child, Rachel, and only she can bring him back over to our realm to destroy everything but conversely, she is also the only one who can stop him! Also, in a picture we see Trigon, Rachel and Rachels mother all together, it would seem her mum isn’t as innocent as she first seems!!

Back at the house Gar isn’t well and is bleeding all over the place, at this point I’m assuming its from the soup Rachels mum gave him earlier! She says that Rachel can save his life if she uses her powers, but it doesn’t work, this is where it all falls into place! Rachels mum tells her that the only person that can save Gar is her father, she just needs to bring him over. Rachel of course agrees as she doesn’t want her friend to die and opens a portal in a mirror and pulls through Trigon in the form of a man who saves Gar and is thanked by Rachel, this is not going to end well!!

This episode was great, this series is fantastic and I love it, its quickly becoming my favourite DC show and I just want more, alas only one episode to go! It was great to finally get to Trigon and for Kory to get her memories back, it also seems as if she’s finally ditching the shiny dress she’s worn every day haha.

I don’t want this series to end!

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