Titans – S1 Ep8 – Donna Troy Review

So this episode is full of name drops!! We get Diana, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Themyscira, Joker, Penguin, the whole universe is building and I love it!!

This episode is a lot more low key than the last few, no crazy fights or intense battles, more an episode of reflection and understanding. This show just keeps getting better, the build of who these characters are and who they want to be has been told so well, we get to meet Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl and we find out that she has left the world of superheroes behind to try and make some semblance of a ‘normal’ life, Dick leaves the team to go to her to try and find out how she does it so he can do it too, but as she explains, she hasn’t quit, she’s just stopped and that’s a tough thing to do! They joke about needing each other cos they’re both sidekicks is cool when they are younger and i’m looking forward to seeing what they do with Donna.

Meanwhile the rest of the team Kory, Gar, Rachel and her mum head to Rachel’s mums house and their new base of operations, Kory is beginning to get glimpses of her other life and its making her super paranoid, but its not paranoia if someones really after you!! Its great to see that coming in to play and the emergence of Starfire coming to be, things take a turn when Donna is able to translate some of the alien language and she figures out that Kory might be here to actually kill Rachel, just as Rachel helps her get her memories back eeeeek!!

So this was a great ep, seeing Donna help Dick figure out that he cant be Robin and he cant be Batman he has to be something else, all this leading to Nightwing I’m hoping! And the expansion of Kory and her finally seeing who she really is is cool, she’s a very different version to the innocent comic book version but I’m enjoying that, it’s good to see these characters really getting fleshed out.

On to the next!

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