Titans – S1 Ep7 – Asylum Review

So, this was an interesting episode, not as action packed as previous ones but very reflective in ways.

It all starts when the guy Dick tracked down and kidnapped from the organisation tells Rachel that she’s a healer and not the monster she thinks and proves it by cutting his own throat and Rachel heals it! He tells her she needs to find her father to cleanse the world, now her father is Trigon, so I don’t think that’s the cleansing they should be after!! He also tells them that her mother is alive, so obviously her and Gar set out on a mission to rescue her even though Dick said to wait and bide their time.

Obviously the minute they get to the Asylum where her mother is being held they are caught and not long after so are Dick and Kory trying to rescue them, what follows is the organisation putting them all through tests, Dick a mental test to see how far they need to go to break him, he sees himself in the Robin outfit and the younger him upset and starts to beat him up telling him that he hates what he’s become, this is all the more cementing the idea of Dick not wanting to be Robin anymore. Kory is being physically tested, they have her strapped down on an operating table with doctors cutting into her to see how quickly she heals all while she is awake. Gar is being tested too, they keep electrocuting him to make him turn into an animal, but he won’t give in.

Rachel is in the boss’s office and he tells her she can save her friends if she just calls her father, she doesn’t agree with this and takes back the healing from earlier and the guys neck splits back open and blood pours from it till he dies, she then grabs his keys and sets off to rescue her mother and the rest of the team, no I have to be honest, her finding and rescuing her mum and the rest of the team felt really easy, considering the place was supposed to be crawling with guards, didn’t feel like there was much tension at all.

Right at the end Kory uses her powers and blows up the asylum so they can’t hurt anyone again and Dick is stood over the flames where he has thrown the Robin suit and watches it burn, Robin no more!!! He’s still gonna need a suit, maybe one in black with some blue designs…….

This ep was good, not as good as the rest if I’m honest, definitely the weakest ep so far, but it still had some good moments and its great seeing the team really pull together and need each other, oh and the corridor fights are very akin to ones seen in the Daredevil tv show which is no bad thing!

On to the next episode where we should meet our newest member…..

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