Arrow – S6 Ep5 – Deathstroke Returns Review

Episode 5 gets going when a sniper targets Councilwoman Pollard. Dinah manages to save her, but after Felicity and Curtis do some digging they realise that this is the work of the Vigilante who was on their case in Season 5. Oliver asks Rene to play Mayor for the day, and to deal with it while he’s off to visit an old friend. With how last weeks episode ended, it’s no surprise that the friend is Slade! Oliver agrees to help Slade find his son who is serving a life sentence in a prison in Kasnia after falling into a life of crime. Slade blames himself for being a crappy Dad – flashbacks show that he struggled to separate being a father and a killer. He only needs Oliver for his diplomacy skills, no arrows involved. After going back and forth, Felicity convinces Oliver to go as otherwise he will just regret it anyway.

Dinah is keeping watch over Pollard incase she’s attacked again, and is the first to come face to face with the Vigilante. Her sonic cry blasts him and he ends up taking his mask off. We spent ages trying to figure out who the Vigilante was, there was a part of me who thought it could have even been Roy (mostly because I just really want him to come back). However, the big reveal shocks no one more than Dinah when she sees the face of her old partner, Vincent Sobel under the mask. Let’s not forget, Dinah spent 4 years avenging the death of her partner – and they were partners in all sense of the word! It was her plight of revenge that lead her to joining Team Arrow in the first place. Understandably, she’s totally spooked by this.

Agent Watson is still lurking in the shadows and Diggle and Felicity find themselves next in line to be interrogated. The team start to crap their pants at her widening the net into investigating them all, apart from Curtis who is pissed that he hasn’t been called at all.

Slade’s mission to find his son leads him to a group called Jackal, after Oliver being lied to that he had died just days ago. After Felicity gets them info, Slade drugs Oliver and goes in search for his son alone. Slade goes completely HAM when he finds them and also realises he’s been double crossed by an old friend, Nylander. This is a great scene. Slade shows off what a great fighter he is and literally takes no prisoners. He pleas for them to release his son, and even offers to take his place. He’s told this would be a little difficult and then out walks his son, their leader!

Councilwoman Pollard makes a tv appearance to discuss the vigilante referendum and Dinah races there to protect her once again. She faces fighting alone as Agent Watson shows up, preventing the rest of the team from helping seeing as she’s now on to them. Dinah manages to stop the Vigilante from killing Pollard again and manages to convince him that they should talk just before he gets shot in the head by a policeman. He picks the bullet out and reveals that the dark matter had an affect on him too, he’s a meta! And his super power is that everything heals. She lets him go free and later goes back to her car and finds a little gift from him. This whole situation is clearly going to cause a few problems for Dinah!

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