Arrow – S5 Ep20 – Underneath Review

Boom bang crash wallop etc etc etc … Oliver and Felicity find themselves in pitch black after the explosion at the bunker. Felicity sets a tone of panic which continues throughout the episode, when she realises she can’t feel her legs. She finds herself back in her wheelchair (who knew she had that tucked away for a rainy day!) They are trapped, and with the über protective shell built to keep them safe, Oliver can’t find a way to break out. Knowing that this is the doing of Mr Chase, Oliver fears he is going after William.

Diggle has slept on the sofa and his spat with Lyla continues into the morning as they start bickering again over who has done more bad through having good intentions. Curtis, Rene and Dinah interrupt after Curtis overhears the bomb go off from above the bunker. He’s put two and two together and worked out that Oliver and Felicity are stuck down there. Lyla offers support from ARGUS which turns out to be their secret, new and improved version of the T Spheres Curtis created. I had a sudden realisation in these scenes that Dinah has been really under-used since they introduced her! We need more scenes of her as the new Canary please!

Oliver does himself an injury by falling while trying to find a way out. While Felicity starts patching him up, talk turns to what happened between them last week. She is pissed that she always has his back and he couldn’t do the same for her. In an attempt to prove her wrong, Oliver let’s Felicity take the lead with their escape and he agrees to try out her ideas. Things don’t pan out well for them which results in Oliver passing out after he apologises for not supporting her. This scene highlights that Oliver is really struggling to come to terms with his self realisation after his week long torture at the hands of Adrian Chase. He confesses to Felicity that he’s not a good person, he admits, once again, to his enjoyment of killing those people on his father’s list and that he can’t trust himself anymore. Felicity gives him a pep talk just before the T Sphere bursts in, which opens communication with the rest of the team. The rescue mission starts and Oliver carries Felicity to safety, up ladders and all sorts!!! This episode really reminds me of the unbreakable connection these two people have. That no matter how angry or disappointed they may be with each other, they will always do anything in their power to protect one another. Felicity also makes a Star Wars reference here, which filled me with joy. I love these Inception style geek references within a geek show we often get with these DC shows! 

Once Oliver has recovered from his surgery, I really hope he gets some health and safety advice. That building is actually REALLY unsafe!!!!!!!!!!

We have different type of flashbacks this week. We time hop to 11 months ago – just after Damien Darhk has been dealt with. Curtis tries playing match maker in an attempt to try to reunite Olicity. Felicity isn’t really having any of it and tells him the real reason she can’t be with Oliver is because he doesn’t trust her. Oliver shows up and Curtis makes his exit, leaving them with his Chinese takeaway. Some full on flirting starts and before you know it, Oliver is showing off with his infamous bar chin up thing. She’s drunk, they kiss and they end up having ‘nice’ bunker sex. Felicity quickly puts an end to Oliver’s hopes of getting back together by telling him they still have problems which all boil down to him not trusting her, or anyone for that matter. 

Oh ….. Oliver was right to be worried by the way! Adrian has found William!!!!!!

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