Arrow – S5 Ep19 – Dangerous Liaisons Review

After what feels like an eternity, Arrow is back with the final 5 episodes of Season 5. To recap very quickly, Adrian Chase was revealed as Star City’s newest villain, Prometheus. After torturing Oliver and forcing a confession of killing for sport from him, Adrian is on the run from the SCPD who have just discovered his alter-ego.

This episode is titled ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ and the complicated web of liaisons unravelling are dangerous indeed. We jump straight back into action and see that Lyla and her ARGUS pals are helping Team Arrow find Adrian Chase. They locate him at an arcade, however there’s no time for a quick game of Pacman as Prometheus appears to be one step ahead and has scarpered!

Felicity is sinking even deeper into Helix and their agenda. She’s gobsmacked when her new bestie, Alena kills an ARGUS agent who had been tipping Adrian Chase off from the inside. However,  she still decides to go along with their plan of freeing a Helix hacker who ARGUS have been keeping in custody. He’s (quite literally) the key to finding where Chase is hiding.

Felicity interferes with a rescue mission by the rest of the team and ARGUS, and Oliver makes it clear that she is playing a dangerous game. Felicity ends up picking Helix over her team mates when Oliver politely asks her to not go help them on their mission. She responds by telling him that he will have to stop her. This is shocking behaviour, but in fairness there’s no Smoak without fire. She’s hell bent on getting revenge on Adrian Chase for killing her boyf, Billy Malone. It’s quite a funny role reversal too as normally it’s Oliver who is single-mindedly fixated on revenge with Felicity trying to get him to see the bigger picture.  She puts her money where her mouth is though, and actually stops Oliver from ending the Helix rescue mission by trapping him with an electric fence. Felicity …. you’ve changed!!!!!!!

Miss Smoak doesn’t even seem bothered when she’s ditched by head Helix bitch Alena, who feels due to Felicity’s vigilante connections, she can’t be trusted. They do however leave her a parting gift and she rushes back to Arrow HQ to use her new toy. After an awkward conversation with Oliver (who was driven to drink by her actions) her screen pops up with Adrian Chase’s location … he’s at their headquarters … right now!!! And booooooom an explosion sends Oliver and Felicity flying into the air.

There’s also trouble in paradise for the Diggles asJohn is not angry, just disappointed in Lyla’s actions since becoming the big cheese at ARGUS. 

4 episodes left and I’m sure they will bring some more twists and turns along the way – but Felicity … sort yourself out!

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