Arrow – S5 Ep18 – Disbanded Review

Continuing on from last week, Felicity, Diggle and Curtis are trying to find out what’s happened to Oliver. He doesn’t give anything away and just tells them all to go home. The team decide to use Felicity’s apartment as their new secret layer. Diggle takes charge and tells them all to carry on as normal until Oliver changes his mind.

Oliver, the consummate professional, is straight back to work and has probably the worst Monday morning ever due to an 11am meeting with Chase. Thinking it’s all over, Oliver admits defeat. Chase hands him a knife and tries to goad Oliver into killing him. Oliver continues on his path of self destruction and dumps Susan in an attempt to protect her from Chase. Felicity spends her time at Helix. She has a video of Chase removing the Prometheus mask but his face has been blurred.

Oliver calls in a favour and Anatoly arrives at Arrow HQ. Oliver explains his predicament and asks him to kill Chase. Anatoly agrees to do it in return for help stealing drugs. The team unknowingly rumble Bratva mid drug stealing which pisses Oliver off. Diggle spends the episode trying to convince Oliver to don the hood again, but it falls on deaf ears and Oliver tells the team to stand down. Diggle ignores this and the team decide to stop Bratva from killing Chase for Oliver’s sake and intercept their attack on him. Oliver isn’t pleased and decks Diggle for his betrayal. Chase ends up with heightened security and is out under federal protection. 

Oliver comes round to Diggle’s pleas and asks Anatoly to stand down. The team are reunited and they put a stop to Bratva’s criminal activity. 

Felicity and Curtis break an encryption on the video they have of Prometheus and their evidence against Chase is sent to the police. His protection officers try to arrest him but Chase goes all stabby again and ends up drives off into the sunset.

I’m going to miss the Prometheus music when Oliver kills the hell out of him! 

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